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.NET Core Web API - Clean Architecture


Welcome to the Step-by-Step Practical Guide on .NET Core Web API Clean Architecture YouTube series. In this series, you will learn how to build a RESTful API using the latest version of ASP.NET Core. Throughout the course, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of the clean architecture project structure and learn the fundamentals of RESTful Web API development from scratch. The course also covers topics such as Azure Key Vault configuration, API Health Checks, API versioning, CRUD operations, deploying to Azure, Unit Testing, and more. The course also covers the usage of Entity Framework Core, which will enable you to connect your project's data models with underlying databases. Also, We highly recommend following this series in sequence to ensure a clear understanding of the concepts, which you can then apply to your own projects

YouTube videos

Labs Title YouTube Link
Lab-1: Clean Architecture Fundamentals (Theory)
Lab-2: Clean Architecture Project Structure
Lab-3: ASP.NET Core Web API Basic Configuration
Lab-4: Azure Key Vault configuration & Health Checks in ASP.NET Core REST API
Lab-5: CRUD Operations In ASP.NET Core Web API with Entity Framework Core
Lab-6: How to deploy .NET Core Web API to Azure from locally
How to deploy .NET Core Web API to Azure using DevOps pipeline
Create CI/CD Pipeline for ASP.NET Core Web API
Automate Build and Deployment of Azure SQL Database
Lab-7: REST API Best Practices
Lab-8: Unit Testing in ASP.NET Core Web API

Source code

You can access the source code on GitHub by using the following link. This will take you to the repository where all the code for our project is stored.

GitHub Source Code Repository