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Azure Cloud - Reference Architecture Guide


Welcome to `Step-by-Step Practical Guide on Azure Reference Architecture. In this course, you will learn how to build a comprehensive Azure architecture suitable for small, medium, and even enterprise-scale organizations. Throughout the labs, I'll guide you in deploying a website and its microservices in Azure using Azure DevOps CI & CD Pipelines. We strongly recommend following the labs in the listed sequence to ensure a clear understanding of the concepts that can be directly applied to your own projects. Our goal is to save your time by providing a similar design solution for your organization. By the end of this course, you will become familiar with the major services offered by Azure and gain real-life project experience.

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Labs Title
Lab-1: Introduction & Course Overview
Lab-1.1: Create new Azure Account or Tenant or Subscription
Lab-2: Application High Level Architecture
Lab-3: Azure Architecture Design Principles
Lab-4: Azure High Level Architecture (HLD)
Lab-5: Azure Architecture - Security Design
Lab-6: Azure Architecture Networking Design
Lab-7: Azure DevOps Deployment View for Azure Resources
Lab-8: Azure Setup Guide / Governance
Lab-9: Azure Resource Naming & Tagging Conventions
Lab-10: ARM Template Project setup & Create Resource Group
Lab-11: Azure Virtual Network Concepts & Create Virtual Network
Lab-12: Create Azure AppService Environment from Azure Portal
Lab-12.1: Create Azure AppService Environment using ARM template
Lab-12.2: Create Tags in ASE using ARM templates
Lab-13: Create Azure App Service Plan from Azure Portal
Lab-13.1: Create Azure App Service Plan and App Services using ARM Template
Lab-14: Deploying ARM Templates using Azure DevOps Pipelines
Lab-15: Deploy a website or APIs to Azure with Azure App Service
Lab-16: Create Azure Application Gateway

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