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Useful Tools

Network troubleshooting

Here are some useful tools and links that can be helpful for troubleshooting network-related issues, monitoring network performance, and analyzing network traffic.

Tool/Resource Description
Ping Ping is a command-line tool that sends ICMP Echo Request packets to test network connectivity.
Traceroute Traceroute is used to trace the route packets take through the internet to a destination host.
Wireshark Wireshark is a powerful network protocol analyzer that can capture and inspect network traffic.
Netstat Netstat is a command-line tool that displays network connections, routing tables, and interface statistics.
Nslookup Nslookup is a command-line tool for querying DNS (Domain Name System) to resolve domain names to IP addresses.
Nmap Nmap is a versatile network scanning tool that can discover hosts and services on a network.
TCPDump TCPDump is a command-line packet analyzer that captures and displays network traffic in real-time.
ipconfig (Windows) / ifconfig (Linux) Display and configure network interfaces on Windows (ipconfig) and Linux (ifconfig).
Netcat Netcat, also known as the "Swiss Army Knife" of networking, is a versatile networking utility.
Fiddler Fiddler is a web debugging proxy that can capture and inspect HTTP/HTTPS traffic between a client and server.
GRC ShieldsUP! ShieldsUP! is an online tool for testing the security of your firewall by probing for open ports.
MTR (My TraceRoute) MTR combines the functionality of ping and traceroute to provide detailed network path analysis. allows you to test your internet connection's speed and latency to various servers. provides information about your public IP address and geolocation.

DNS troubleshooting

Here are some useful tools and links for DNS (Domain Name System) troubleshooting:

Tool/Resource Description
Nslookup Nslookup is a command-line tool for querying DNS to resolve domain names to IP addresses and vice versa.
Dig Dig is a command-line tool for querying DNS servers to retrieve DNS records and information.
Nslookup Online An online Nslookup tool that provides DNS lookup results for domain names and IP addresses.
MXToolBox MXToolBox provides a collection of DNS and network diagnostic tools, including DNS lookup and DNS health checks. offers online DNS lookup and DNS resolution services for domain names and IP addresses.
DNS Checker DNS Checker allows you to check DNS records, DNS propagation, and DNS speed for a domain name.
WhatIsMyDNS WhatIsMyDNS provides information about the DNS servers that resolve a specific domain name.
IntoDNS IntoDNS checks the health and configuration of your DNS servers and provides a detailed report.
DnsViz DnsViz is a tool for visualizing the DNS resolution process and displaying DNSSEC-related information.
Google Public DNS Information about using Google Public DNS servers, which can help with DNS resolution issues.
Cloudflare DNS Cloudflare offers a fast and privacy-focused DNS resolver that can be used to troubleshoot DNS issues.
Quad9 DNS Quad9 provides a secure and privacy-aware DNS service that blocks malicious domains.
OpenDNS OpenDNS offers DNS resolution with security features and content filtering capabilities.

Other Tools

Tool/Resource Description
Password Generator Random Password Generator
base64encode Encode to Base64 format
JSON Web Tokens JSON Web Tokens
ipchicken identifies the IP address of your system


Tool/Resource Description
Azure Resource Explorer Azure Resource Explorer