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Cloud Comparison Cheat Sheet

Here's the comparison cheat sheet across Azure, AWS, and GCP.

This comprehensive cheat sheet covers a wide range of services across Azure, AWS, and GCP. Keep in mind that the availability of certain services may vary depending on the region and specific requirements. Also, these cloud platforms are constantly evolving, so new services may be introduced over time.

Category Azure Service AWS Service GCP Service
Compute Azure Virtual Machines Amazon EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) Google Compute Engine
Azure App Service AWS Elastic Beanstalk Google App Engine
Azure Functions AWS Lambda Google Cloud Functions
Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) Amazon EKS (Elastic Kubernetes Service) Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE)
Storage Azure Blob Storage Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service) Google Cloud Storage (GCS)
Azure Files Amazon EFS (Elastic File System) Google Cloud Filestore
Azure Disk Storage Amazon EBS (Elastic Block Store) Google Compute Engine Persistent Disks
Azure Data Lake Storage Amazon S3 (with appropriate configurations) Google Cloud Storage (GCS)
Azure Queue Storage Amazon SQS (Simple Queue Service) Google Cloud Pub/Sub
Database Azure SQL Database Amazon RDS (Relational Database Service) Cloud SQL
Azure Cosmos DB Amazon DynamoDB Cloud Firestore / Cloud Bigtable
Azure Database for MySQL Amazon RDS (MySQL) Cloud SQL for MySQL
Azure Database for PostgreSQL Amazon RDS (PostgreSQL) Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL
Azure Cache for Redis Amazon ElastiCache Cloud Memorystore
Azure Synapse Analytics Amazon Redshift BigQuery
Identity and Access Management Azure Active Directory (Microsoft Entra ID) AWS Directory Service Cloud Identity / Cloud IAM
Azure Key Vault AWS Secrets Manager Cloud Key Management Service (KMS)
Azure AD B2C Amazon Cognito Identity Platform
Networking Azure Virtual Network Amazon VPC Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)
Azure Load Balancer Elastic Load Balancing (ELB) Google Cloud Load Balancing
Azure Application Gateway AWS Application Load Balancer Google Cloud Load Balancing
Azure VPN Gateway AWS VPN Cloud VPN
Azure CDN Amazon CloudFront Cloud CDN
Azure ExpressRoute AWS Direct Connect Cloud Interconnect
Analytics and Big Data Azure HDInsight Amazon EMR (Elastic MapReduce) Cloud Dataproc
Azure Databricks Amazon EMR Cloud Dataproc
Azure Stream Analytics Amazon Kinesis Cloud Dataflow
Azure Data Factory AWS Glue Cloud Data Fusion
Azure Analysis Services Amazon Redshift BigQuery
Azure Data Lake Analytics Amazon Athena BigQuery
Machine Learning Azure Machine Learning Amazon SageMaker AI Platform
Azure Cognitive Services Amazon Rekognition / Amazon Polly / Amazon Comprehend Cloud Vision API / Cloud Text-to-Speech API / Cloud Natural Language API
Development Tools Azure DevOps AWS CodePipeline / AWS CodeBuild / AWS CodeDeploy Cloud Build / Cloud Deployment Manager
Azure DevTest Labs AWS Device Farm Firebase Test Lab
Azure SDKs & CLI AWS SDKs & CLI Cloud SDK & CLI
Azure Logic Apps AWS Step Functions Cloud Workflows / Cloud Functions
Azure API Management Amazon API Gateway Apigee API Platform
Azure Functions AWS Lambda Google Cloud Functions
Azure Repos AWS CodeCommit Cloud Source Repositories
Management and Monitoring Azure Monitor Amazon CloudWatch Stackdriver Monitoring / Operations
Azure Security Center AWS Security Hub Cloud Security Command Center
Azure Automation AWS Systems Manager Cloud Scheduler
Azure Resource Manager AWS CloudFormation Cloud Deployment Manager
Azure Policy AWS Organizations Organization Policy Service
Azure Advisor AWS Trusted Advisor Recommender
Azure Service Health AWS Personal Health Dashboard Cloud Status Dashboard
Azure Cost Management AWS Cost Explorer Cloud Billing
Azure Backup AWS Backup Cloud Storage Transfer Service
Security Azure Security Center AWS Security Hub Cloud Security Command Center
Azure Sentinel AWS Security Hub / AWS GuardDuty Chronicle Security / Security Command Center
Azure Key Vault AWS Secrets Manager Cloud Key Management Service (KMS)
Azure Advanced Threat Protection AWS GuardDuty Cloud Security Scanner